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The Wonderful World of Disney

It all began with a mouse!

Written Wishes, a Disney Fic Prompt Group
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Written Wishes is a community that offers the posting of fics from all walks of life within Disney. This includes animated, live, and theme park. Our User Info will grow as we offer specialized group of disney followers who are affiliates of ours.

Stay tuned to this area, this will hold links to our rules and any information that is in dire need! Like our email... LoL you can email your disney fanfiction to writtenwishes @ gmail (dot) com.

Here's the format to follow when emailing:
(link to story where anyone can see it)
Author: (this can be your lj name)
Challenge/series/ficlet/one shot: (insert the challenge/chapter/wordcount)
Notes: (here you can put the summary and anything else you wish! we try not to spoil the story, but a general theme is good too!)

We are a fan community, we do not own or claim to own any Disney Character, location, story, or rights. They are property of the Disney Corp. and we can thank Mr. Walt Disney for his genius and drive. We must remember, it all began with a mouse. So, if anyone has questions, please refer to this disclaimer for we claim no ownership of any characters and only like to protect the imgination of our writers who work to bring the magic of Disney to their writings in homage. We ask that no one steals, copies, or infringes upon an authors writings, thoughts, or processes. Flaming, harsh judgement, or nastiness will get you banned from the posts and anything else. If you want people to write better, become a beta.

The mods livejournals are: