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03 September 2006 @ 10:39 pm
Come one, come all!  
Welcome to writtenwishes!

I'm Lauren - better known as bottledglory and I'm one of three mods for this group. My counterparts are yohopiratesyoho and avi_via_vai and we'll be wrangling this community!

writtenwishes is a community that focuses on Disney Fan Fiction. We will be offering a weekly newsletter that compiles your writings into an easy to navigate group of fan fiction! From Aladdin to Treasure Planet, you the writers help us dictate what we offer!

Every Sunday (just like the paper), we'll be on your friends list with an array of fan fiction for your reading pleasure! The more you want to read, the more we need your help! In fact, if you have fanfiction you've posted on live journal, you can email it to us at writtenwishes @ gmail . com. In your email, we would love you forever if you would include this in your email!

(a link to your story that is able to be viewed by all!)
Author: (this would be your lj tag)
Fandom: (this would be like aladdin, PotC, etc.)
Pairing: (if it's a general character fic just put gen)
Rating: (please think like adults here. we don't want 7 yr old susie reading about how those evil step sisters were concieved)
Challenge/Series/Drabble/Ficlet/One Shot: (if it's a challenge say which challenge your writing for. series write which chapter of #, drabbles, ficlets, and one shots if you could put a word count here we would love you!)
Warnings: (Here you could put if there are spoilers, slash, femslash, and the such here for anyone perusing for special stuff!)
Notes: (here you can put a mini summary to your story and try to keep it simple as to not spoil your writing!)

We hope to see some great fics coming in and we are so excited! Any suggestions are welcome to us and you're welcome to email us! We also want to put out a blanket request for betas, anyone who would like to be an emergency mod, and anyone if they could spread the word on the community!

The Challenge for the week is: Back to School you can use any character from Disney (live, animated, or theme park related) for anything with school! Since school is back in session we thought we should kick it off easy! If you have any suggestions for prompts, themes, or challenges, email us your ideas!

Hope to hEar from you soon!

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